Matej Pisca


Member of the Bábence Krakovany Bobbin Lace Club, and organiser of both the International Bobbin Lace Festival in Krakovany and the Men Making Lace festival.

My interest in bobbin lace making began in 2014, after I had returned to Slovakia from London. At first it was simply my job to open the doors of our private museum in Krakovany for meetings of local bobbin lace makers. I then fell in love with our local bobbin lace, to which I am now mostly dedicated, although I love the traditional bobbin lace from all regions of Slovakia. In 2016, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our Bábence Bobbin Lace Club, we started organizing the International Bobbin Lace Festival in Krakovany. Thanks to meeting lace makers from many different countries, I have since had the opportunity to represent Krakovany, and Slovakia, in France, Poland, Estonia and the Czech Republic.”