Laura Raková

Žiar nad Hronom

Member of Bobbin Lace Club at the Edification Centre Pohronie (POS) Žiar nad Hronom.

“I learned bobbin lace making during my studies at university, around 1996-97. Like many other Slovakian lacers, I was perfecting the acquired skills on my own, with the book School of Bobbin Lace Making (Škola paličkovania), written by Víťazoslav Mišík. I have taken a break in lacemaking and learnt and perfected other textile techniques, especially patchwork.

I returned to bobbin lace only a couple of years ago, when I found some videos of Russian bobbin lace masters on the internet. These re-ignited my passion and launched my new creative phase. I began searching for people with similar passion for bobbin lace making and found them in the Bobbin Lace Club in my hometown Žiar nad Hronom, which I have been a member of since 2018. Even though it was Russian lace that inspired me, I still remain loyal to the traditional Slovakian lace. Its incredible variety offers wide opportunities to master the skills. I am trying to learn and develop as best as possible what our ancestors left us and make it attractive in a modern way.”